7 Ways To Use Eucalyptus Essential Oil

how to use eucalyptus essential oil
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 eucalyptus essential oil aromatherapy

Top Uses And Benefits Of Eucalyptus Oil

There are many great ways to use eucalyptus essential oil. It has antiseptic qualities, thanks to its germicidal quality. Upon exposure to air, the ozone is formed and changes to an antiseptic. Thus, eucalyptus oil is ideal for wound healing, ulcers, cuts, burns, sores, and abrasions.

With a multi-faceted set of medicinal properties, eucalyptus essential oil is an excellent addition to any medicine cabinet. It should come as no shock that it's used widely in a lot of products that you can readily purchase over the counter at your local pharmacy or drug store, such as chest rubs for congestion and colds and cough remedy. It's also in throat sprays as well as mouthwashes, soaps, inhalers, creams for rashes, and topical pain relievers, to name just some.

 eucalyptus essential oil aromatherapy

1All-Around In-Home Care Product

Eucalyptus oil offers an all-natural in-home care product for your home. The scent is fresh, and it kills germs. It's also a chemical-free solution.

It offers a lovely refreshing fragrance for your home care products. It also adds an essential antimicrobial property that you just can't go wrong with. You can put a few drops in everything, including soaps, laundry detergent, toilet cleaner, your window cleaner, mop bucket, and more. The list is endless.

 eucalyptus essential oil aromatherapy

2Works As A Vermifuge

Bellyaches are quite common. When you eat the wrong foods or at the wrong restaurant, it's not uncommon to have a bellyache. Eucalyptus can help to ease these issues.

Eucalyptus oil works as a vermifuge. And it's often utilized to remove germs that are infecting the intestines. According to the studies, ingesting eucalyptus oil can help to deter the bacteria and microbial, parasitic conditions that may rear their ugly heads in the body, especially in areas like the colon and the intestine.

 eucalyptus essential oil aromatherapy

3Eucalyptus Works On Hair Damage

It can help to keep your hair well-nourished. When you don't nourish your hair, it can become dry and damaged. Over time, it can lead to hair loss.

Just a few drops of the eucalyptus oil, along with some olive oil or coconut oil, will give your hair a fabulous moisturizing pick-me-up. This is great for fending off dandruff and itchy scalp. Eucalyptus also helps to naturally ward off lice and works well to replace chemical treatments.

 eucalyptus oil medicinal uses

4Works As A Febrifuge

Fevers are dangerous. Young children and the elderly are especially vulnerable. Natural remedies are an ideal way to lower fevers. Eucalyptus oil works very well.

Eucalyptus is ideal for treating fever, reducing body temperature, and working to ward off the illness. For this reason, it's sometimes called "fever oil." It works really well if you combine it with peppermint oil and spray it on your body as a deodorant and to reduce fevers.

 eucalyptus oil medicinal uses

5Analgesic And Anti-Inflammatory

If you're having muscle or joint pain, you can massage eucalyptus oil into the area. This will help reduce stress and inflammation. It will also refresh your skin.

The eucalyptus oil is volatile. It is an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory that works very well. Thus, it's frequently used for rheumatism, sprained joints and ligaments, sore tendons, stiff and achy muscles, and even fibrosis, or nerve pain.

 eucalyptus essential oil aromatherapy

6Effective Mental Stimulant

Another important reason that a lot of people use eucalyptus oil is to create a cooling and a refreshing benefit. Typically, people suffer from specific conditions and disorders and feel somewhat sluggish. The eucalyptus oil works as a stimulant and helps to alleviate exhaustion and the mental sluggishness that rejuvenates the spirits of those who are sick. It is also very efficient in treating psychiatric disorders and stress.

Besides mental exhaustion, it also works to help stimulate mental activity and to increase the blood flow to the brain. It's also considered to be a vasodilator, which means that it will promote and improve blood flow in the body by relaxing the blood vessels, allowing for better blood circulation. Typically, more blood in the brain means more and better-improved brainpower. It's frequently used in classrooms as aromatherapy to help improve student performance. Just massage the oil in circular motions on the areas needed - do this nightly for the best results.

 eucalyptus essential oil aromatherapy

7Works As A Vasodilator

When you ingest the eucalyptus oil, it can also reduce your blood sugar. The properties work to help benefit the body by increasing blood circulation. Poor blood circulation, which is common in diabetics, can be dangerous and result in amputation or even death.

Thus, it should be frequently massaged into the region topically. You can inhale it as a vapor to help ease the constriction as well. Massage onto the skin after showering. Vasodilating and relaxing will help to benefit any person with diabetes.

 eucalyptus oil for skin

The eucalyptus oil on the market today is obtained via fresh leaves from the tall evergreen eucalyptus trees. The tree itself is scientifically classified as the Eucalyptus globulus and is known as a fever tree or a blue gum tree or even a stringybark tree, depending on where it was obtained. Eucalyptus is a native plant in Australia and has been spread to other regions of the world, such as India, South Africa, and Europe.

A lot of countries produce oil in small quantities. The prime source is still from Australia. Thanks to the medicinal use, the compound that is present in the genetic makeup is often found in over-the-counter drugs, such as rubs, ointments, inhalers, mouthwashes, and rash creams.

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